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Business Hours: Monday through Thursday
Custom Orders: If you are interested in a custom order, please be as detailed as possible.

Mailing Address: Post Office Box 10994   Jefferson, LA 70181
NOTE:  We are an online business; therefore, we prefer online communication via email, as it allows us time to pull up your order before emailing you back.  This also allows us the opportunity to keep track of your communication(s) with us.
We cannot provide an estimated date of delivery, as expedited orders take precedence daily.  This means that we may have a heavy workload of expedited orders one day and not another. There is no way to accurately provide you with a estimated date of arrival. We try our best to get our orders out as soon as possible.

Once your order has shipped, we will provide you with a tracking number.  An email will also be sent to the email address that you provided, stating that your order has shipped.

Also, be sure to refer to our FAQs page.  FAQs page